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Albion Bed and Breakfast

Between Salt Lake City and Boise, a piece of Idaho's history lies hidden in a small Rocky Mountain valley. Where in 1893 the Albion State Normal School campus was founded, it stood until it stopped operating in 1951. The Teacher's Training School building has been carefully renovated with love and respect for its rich history. 

Today, Albion Bed and Breakfast is once again a place for people to come together, whether it be
for families to reunite or for travelers looking for a range of activities to do in the expansive local nature.

Our comfortable rooms and suites stay true to their past; the last Biology Lesson is preserved on the chalkboard in the Biology Suite, vintage maps can be studied in the Geography Room, and there is much more history to be found.

As we are partially off the grid, our geo-thermal air-conditioning system will warm you up after a winter day of skiing or cool you down after a serene day in the summer sun. 

Expect an abundant and personally tailored breakfast in the morning.

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